About us

Welcome to Deburring Services Ltd, conveniently located in Gloucestershire, UK, with over 40 years of experience with AS9100 accreditation, we are Europe’s leading state-of-the-art deburring specialists.

served by controlled processes
average component lead times
frequently reduced lead times

The company was established in 1978 with the prime objective of introducing repeatability and consistency to the deburring operation through the application of controlled processes. Initially set-up to serve the high precision sector of the industry and in particular the deburring of intersecting cross holes in complex prismatic components, and as the company has grown, more sectors have become aware of the benefits both in terms of cost and consistency of processed components.

Our workforce is our most valuable asset – many of whom have been with us for over twenty years. The loyalty and flexibility of our staff ensures that our shift pattern of working hours can be tailored to meet our the changing demands within the Aerospace, F1, Automotive, Fuel Injection, Mining, Subsea, Defence, Medical and Metrology industries. Our customers also get peace of mind from our AS9100 accreditation which can be viewed here.