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The company objective of introducing consistency and repeatability is achieved through the application of controlled machine processes and precise work instructions which provide us with the capability to deburr small batch or high volume parts in a wide range of materials. When manual deburring operations are required, the same controlled procedures are adopted ensuring complete process consistency.

01 : Abrasive Flow Deburring (AFM)

The AFM process offers the user a controlled and repeatably consistent surface finish.

Abrasive Flow deburring (AFM), was the first deburring process offered by the company when it began trading in 1978. The process utilises an abrasive laden compound. This is forced through and over components resulting in a deburring quality and level of consistency that is acceptable to the most demanding of applications. Typically, prismatic components, with a network of inaccessible cross holes and close geometric tolerances are regularly processed for Aerospace, Formula 1, Fuel injection and other high precision critical part applications. Controllability and repeatability are key criteria of the AFM process.