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The company objective of introducing consistency and repeatability is achieved through the application of controlled machine processes and precise work instructions which provide us with the capability to deburr small batch or high volume parts in a wide range of materials. When manual deburring operations are required, the same controlled procedures are adopted ensuring complete process consistency.

02 : Electrochemical Deburring (ECD)

A systematic and efficient process that can offer a highly precise targeted finish on a multitude of components.

Electrochemical deburring (ECD). For those hard to reach cross drillings on high and low volume components, the ECD process is often the preferred solution. Multiple tooling and low cycle times (often a matter of seconds) ensure a consistent and cost effective deburring solution. Process flexibility allows us to deburr, for example, small fuel injection components with holes no more than 0.25mm diameter. ECD satisfies the demands associated with high production, zero reject rate, low cost components.

Equally, the processing of cross holes in large steel manifolds measuring up to 1 metre square ensures a cost effective, repeatable and reliable solution to what used to be a very inconsistent manual deburring operation.