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The company objective of introducing consistency and repeatability is achieved through the application of controlled machine processes and precise work instructions which provide us with the capability to deburr small batch or high volume parts in a wide range of materials. When manual deburring operations are required, the same controlled procedures are adopted ensuring complete process consistency.

03 : Precision Manual Deburring

Offering high levels of precision and quality often deburring parts under high magnification.

Frequently we come across situations that prohibit the use of deburring processes on critical components. Invariably when a component for the aerospace industry is moved from the OEM to the supply chain, the OEM insists that the same process and techniques are applied during the manufacture of the component. This means that the deburring operation is performed in house via manual deburring methods. In response to this, we are often asked if we could achieve the manual deburring standards set by the OEMs. Our precision hand deburring section has, working in partnership with OEMS, developed intensive operator training programmes. Together with the compilation of fixed work instructions our company has been able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding industries. Our highly skilled and experienced operators regularly work at high magnification. Here at Deburring Services Ltd we aim to provide the excellent standards of quality, workmanship and value for money expected.